10 Frightening Stories For Kids

Kids love stories. They love funny, creepy stories and fairy tales. Here we have some creepy stories .This stories can raise a goosebumps or cause a scream of  fear.

We’ve gathered the best kids’ scary stories  for kids. Kids will enjoy this stories. The stories are:

Table of Contents:

1. Ring On Her Fingers

2. The Devil Hello Kitty

3. The Hobyas


5..Cursed Doll

6. The Shipbuilder And The Rat Of Devil

7.Eight Feet Tall

8.The Painting Of  A Dark Castle

9.The Maid

10.The Hitchhiker


Ring On Her Fingers

There’s a scary story here for kids to tell. Kids over the age of 8 will enjoy it a lot. Kids in the dark will enjoy this story a lot more.

 So, let’s start the story now.

There was an woman who suddenly  took ill and slipped into a coma. Despite everything, the doctors could do nothing for her and she eventually died. With a heavy heart her husband broke down in tears. He had  buried her in a small cemetery at the edge of town—making sure and she wore her promise and  wedding rings.

In the middle of that night, a gravedigger entered the cemetery with the intention of stealing jewelry. He carried with him a lantern and a shovel. He started digging the woman’s grave and eventually  hit the wood, he went down to the grave and opened the coffin. Holding the lantern, he looked at the corpse inside and saw that  two gold rings were  glistening in the light of the lantern. He tried to take those rings but the rings were stuck .So, he decided that the only way to get them was to cut off her fingers with a knife.

He took a knife out of his pocket and used it to cut off a finger of the corpse. Blood began to flow with the  fingers. Just then he heard a scream and the corpse began to stir. Suddenly, the dead woman sat up! Seeing this, the thief became frightened and the lantern slipped out of his hand. As a result, the light of the lantern extinguished and all around became dark.

He heard the woman rising from her grave, so he grabbed a knife. The woman saw the thief and asked, ‘Who are you?’ Hearing this, the thief became more frightened and tried to run away from there. But he slipped into the woman’s grave. He was so terrified that he did not understand  what to do. He stabbed himself to death. It was very dark there so the woman could not see anything. She  did not turn back and started walking towards her home.

The Devil Hello Kitty

Have you noticed why Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth? No? Okay, let me explain you.

This was a long time ago when a woman discovered the “Hello Kitty” who had a daughter with cancer. Her daughter was disagnosed with the cancer of the mouth. Doctors told her mother that they had nothing to do and her daughter was  dying.

The girl with cancer was her mother’s only child and her mother could not think of surviving without her. The mother tried her best to save her daughter, but nothing worked.She  became desperate to save her daughter at any cost.

An hour before the little girl was fighting to the death, a devil came to her mother. Satan told the mother that he could save her daughter but instead she had to make a promise. The promise was that she  would have to invent a cartoon character that would be in every home. Mother wondered why the devil made such a promise. It was very suspicious.

There was a devil’s plot behind it. Satan said he would use this character to hypnotize children and possess them. The mother was shocked and was broken to think that she had to save her own child and sacrifice all these innocent children  out there?

The mother loved her child too much and wanted to get her daughter at any cost. So she agreed and her daughter recovered. In return the mother created ” Hello Kitty” cartoon character. The character’Hello Kitty’has no mouth because her daughter’s mouth was eaten by cancer and sewn up.

 Kitty’s pointed ears represent Satan’s horns. The word ‘kitty’means demon .When you say Hello Kitty ,you are actually welcoming the devil into your home .Because ‘Hello kitty “means “Hello Demon”. Who would have expected that?!

The Hobyahs

This story is a spooky story that is suitable for any child starting from 5.While describing the story it will be good if you tell hobyah’s conversation in a spooky voice and the kids will have fun too.

Once there was an oldman  lived with his wife and daughter in a house made of hemp stalks. The old man’s wife was also old and their daughter was much younger. The old man had  also a little white dog.

One night some ghosts named Hobyah came there and said, “Hobyah! Hobyah! Hobyah! Tear down the hemp stalks, eat up the old man and woman, and carry off the little girl!” Seeing this, the little dog  barked so that the Hobyahs ranoff; and the old man could be careful. The bad-tempered oldman did not understand anything and said, “Little dog  barks so that I cannot sleep nor slumber, and if I live  till morning I will cut off his tail.”  In the morning the old man cut off little dog’s tail.

The next  night the Hobyahs came again, and said, “Hobyah! Hobyah! Hobyah! Tear down the hemp stalks, eat up the old man and woman, and carry off the little girl!” But little dog  barked  again so that the Hobyahs ran off; and the old man  the oldman could be careful.The  bad-tempered oldman said, “Little dog  barks so that I cannot sleep nor slumber, and if I live till morning I will cut off his legs.” So in the morning the old man cut off little dog’s legs.

The next  night the Hobyahs came again, and said, “Hobyah! Hobyah! Hobyah! Tear downthe hemp stalks, eat up the old man and woman, and carry off the little girl!” But the little dog  barked again  to save it’s owner and owner’s family and the Hobyahs ran off. Again  the old man said  , “Little dog  barks so that I cannot sleep nor slumber, and if I live till morning I will cut off little dog’s ears.”So in the morning the old man cut off little dog’s ears. The torture of the old man made the dog discontent.

The next  night the Hobyahs came again, and said, “Hobyah! Hobyah! Hobyah! Tear downthe hempstalks, eat up the old man and woman, and carry off the little girl!” And then the Hobyahs saw the little dog standing at the door.“They’re in there”, said the dog. “Second door  on the left. Go get them”.


This story is for children over the age of 10. When telling the story, ask  the kids to hold each other’s hands. Because this story is really very thrilling and scary.

One dark night, a young man named Hock was walking down the road with his friend. When they were passing by a long stretch of marshy land, they saw a strange light in the distance.

“Who is walking there on the marshy land at this dark night?”Hock asked loudly.

“Where?I don’t see nothing,” said his friend.

“Can’t you see there?” asked Hock.

“There’s a light bobbing up and down out there, likethey’re looking for something…”Hock said.

“Don’t look at it, it’s not a person. It’s a evil  spirit in the name of a jack-ma-lantern. Avoid it. You don’t know what kind of danger it will bring you if you follow this.” The friend whispered.

“What evil spirit?”Hock asked.

“Where?I don’t see nothing,” said his friend.

.“Yes” the friend replied.The friend also said,“They’re evil spirits… the ghosts of sinfulpeople who are caught between life and death. They weren’t allowed into heaven and theycan’t get into hell, so their punishment is to wander for all eternity. They wander in the badplaces where no one ever goes and on the bad nights when nobody is out. They entice you to follow them.”

However, Hock did not believe his friend’s words and started laughing out loud and said, “There’s no ghost,” he said. “There’s somebody out there walking on the marsh and I’m going to see who it is.”

“ Don’t follow them.At first you will feel that you do not need to follow them. But soon you will think that I have to follow them.If they get a hold of you, they’ll make you follow them andonce you follow them you won’t be able to stop.”The friend said.

“This is all superstition, I’m going out there and you can’t stop me”.Hock said.

“Don’t be a fool!” said his friend.

“I’m not scared of any man,” Hock boasted.

 “Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” his friend shouted.

But it was no use. He went to marshy land  without listening to his friend. Hock didn’t come home that night and his family and friends were worried. When dawn broke, they went out to search for him.

They found a trail of his footprints leading out onto the marsh.They followed Hock’s footprints for miles and eventually, they found him. Whenever they found Hock they saw a terriblesight.

 He was standing in mud up to his waist with his head reared back and he was holdingboth hands out in front of him, as if he was trying to fend off something. His hair was whitead his eyes were wide open and there was a horrible grimace frozen on his face.They called out to him but Hock didn’t seem to hear. When they reached out and grabbed him by the shoulder, he was icy cold and stiff. Then everyone realized that he was dead.

Cursed Doll

Kids of all ages will enjoy the story here. This story will bring a little change from the scary environment. Because it’s a ridiculously scary story. It is better to tell this story with different expressions while explaining. Kids will love it.

There was a little girl who was crazy for dolls. She was fond of different types of dolls and had a large collection of various types of dolls in her bedroom.

One day, she was walking around a shop and looking at beautiful dolls.

The girl chose the most beautiful doll of these dolls for her collection. She just hoped she had enough money to buy it.  In the shop there was an old lady behind the counter.

The girl went to the old lady and asked, “How much is that doll, ma’am?”

The old lady replied, “This doll is not for sale”.

The girl requested the old lady for the doll and said, “It’s so beautiful and I really want it.”

The old lady  became irritated. She said, “I told you, it’s not for sale”.

The girl persisted, “Why not?”.

The old lady replied, “Because  this doll is cursed!”

The words of the old lady had no effect on the girl,The girl said,“Well… That’s OK. I don’t mind.”

Hearing that the old lady said,“I’m not going to sell it to you… But if you really must have it, go ahead and take it. It’s yours. But  if something bad happens, don’t blame me.”

The girl said happily,“Ah! Yes, thank you!” ,

She grabbed the doll and left with a smile from the shop.The little girl was so delighted to get the doll for free that she ran all the way home, carrying it in her arms.

She reached her apartment building home and was waiting for the elevator to arrive. The doors opened and she stepped inside the elevator, clutching her new doll tightly. The elevator door closed but the elevator did not move.

The little girl became frightened and thought  to herself, “Is this doll is really cursed?”

 Suddenly, she felt the doll move in her arms. The doll’s head slowly turned to face her.

The little girl got scared and began trembling with fear.“OMG”, she thought to herself. “Is this the curse of the doll?”Suddenly, she felt the doll move in her arms.Ever so slowly, its head turned to face her. The doll’s eyelids fluttered and opened.It stared at her with it’s lifeless glass eyes. The little girl was so frightened that she could not screamed. Then doll’s mouth opened and it said, “Push the button to go up, bitch!”

The Shipbuilder And The Rat Of Devil

The Shipbuilder And The Rat Of Devil is a story based on spooky story for children about a man who sells his soul to the devil and get plagued by a talking rat.

There was once a shipbuilder named Chips. His father’s name before him was Chips. Also his grandfather’s name was chips and his great-grandfather  before him, and his father before him. It can be say that, this name inherits to him from his clan.

Chips the father had sold his soul to the devil for an iron pot, a bushel of tenpenny nails, a half ton of copper and a rat that could speak. Chips the grandfather had done the same thing and his great- grand father had done before him for the same thing . And this bargain had run in the family for a long but all of them came to a direful end .                                                                                                             

  Once, young Chips was working on a ship at the docks. He was all alone, down in the dark hold of a ship which had been lifted up for repairs. Suddenly, he heard a voice saying: “A lemon has pips, a yard has ships and I shall have Chips!”

He looked up. There was somebody lurking in the shadows. And he was none other than the Devil who had red glowing   eyes as big as Saucers. Whenever he blinked it was spitting out sparks of fire..

 He had an iron pot Hanging over one of his arms by the handle, and   there was a bushel of tenpenny nails under that arm. On his another arm he was holding  a half  ton of copper. The devil was carring a rat on his shoulder that could speak. So, the devil said again:“A lemon has pips, a yard has ships and I shall have Chips!”

Chips was so afraid of this that he didn’t say a word. He just continued with his work and tried to thingking that it was just his imagination.

The rat called him by name “Chips Ahoy. Boy! What are you doing?”

Chips replied, “I’m putting in new planks because you and your kind have eaten the old ones away,”

The rat said “But we’ll eat these timbers too and we’ll let in the water and drown the crew, an

then we’ll eat them too.”

Ignoring the rat Chips replied “I’d like to see you doing so,”  and then he went on with his work. He did his best to overlook the devil, but  the nails and copper are like gold to him, and the shipbuilders will do anything to get them.

As chips couldn’t keep his eyes off the half ton of copper or the bushel of tenpenny nails and the devil was observing him ,the devil said to Chips, “I see what you’re looking at.You’d better strike the bargain with me.

You know the terms. Your father, grandfather and before them your great-grandfather before you was well informed with them.

“I like the copper and the nails.And I don”t mind the pot, but I don’t like the rat.”said Chips. The devil aggressively replied him “He’s part of the deal and you can’t have the rest without him.”

Chips get afraid if he lose the half ton of copper and the bushel of nails. So he requested the devil to hold on and  took a pencil and a piece of paper and write hurriedly a deal.He made a deal with the devil to sell his soul.

He handed over the agreement to the devil in lieu of the half ton of copper, the bushel of nails, the pot and the rat that could speak. The devil vanished with a mysterious smile.

Chips used the copper and the nails to finish repairing the ship, and the deal made him very affluent. He tried to sell the pot, but nobody wanted it.

Now as he was a wealthy man, Chips wanted to get married but no girl would come near him as the rat was stayed on his shoulder day and night. Whenever any girl saw it, she would run a mile away. So he became frustrated and decided to kill the rat.

One day, he put the rat into the iron pot. Then, he heated up a big kettle of blazing hot tar and poured  the pot rife with the blazing hot tar.He kept his eye on it until it cooled and hardened. Then he let it stand for twenty days, and then he sank the pot in water for twenty days more, and then he got the smelters to put it in the furnace for another twenty days. When they took it out, the pot was flaming with red hot glow but the rat was sitting in it alive, looking just the same as ever!. It laughed to scorn and said : “A lemon has pips, a yard has ships and I shall have Chips!”

With that, it jumped out of the pot and escaped away. Chips let out a sigh of relief thinging that he had gotten rid of the rat for good. After that he found one who was so beautiful. He proposed her for marriage and she agreeably said to him yes.

But the next day an eerie thing happened . When he found a mess of rats came out of his pocket, in his hat, in other pocket, another; and in the sleeves of his coat he was wearing.When he pulled it on to go meet his fiancée for dinner he discovered himself himself  pestered by rats. The rats  spread around at his home and work place and used to vex him every time.

One day when he bought a box of chocolates for his fiancée, a big fat rat jumped out of it and scratched her face. When he put his arms round her and tried to comfort her, he found a bunch of rats clinging to her back. So, the marriage was called off.

Poor Chips life became devastated and he fell into a dark pit of grouch .  He kept yelling and shouting at the rats to leave him alone.When his boss in the shipyard saw his condition he thought he had gone mad and fired him, and he couldn’t find another job. Soon, Chips became poor and the rats were still plauged with him, day and night.

As the days gone by , Chips couldn’t take it any more. He was plundered by the rats and went in to the depths of despondency.He was just wanted to escape from them desperately. One night, he went down to the shipyard on the docks where he had made his deal with the devil. He stood at the edge of the docks and stared down at the water. He intended to put an end to it all and drown himself.

But, when he jumped into the sea and landed with a splash in the water below, When he looked back he realized that the rats weren’t able to follow him.

The rats staring at him keenly as they gathering at the edge of the dock. Chips swam as fast as he could and managed to grab onto a rope that was trailing behind a ship that had just set sail.

When the sailors pulled him on board, he realized it was the same ship he had repaired in the shipyard. He was appointed to the ship as a crew member to the ship. When the Admiral knew about Chips that he had been a shipbuilder he instantly set him to work doing any repairs that were necessary. The ship was bound for the West Indies and as they sailed and sailed across oceans green and blue, Chips fell in love with the freedom of the sea. He finally felt at peace with the cool breeze blowing over him and by the seaweed and fish.

The ship had a bough on which there was a large carved wooden sculpture figurehead. One day, the sailors noticed a small hole in its forehead. Chips was called to repair it. During repairing   when he lowered down on a rope, he noticed the hole but he couldn’t understand what had caused it. He peeped into the hole and he was shocked to see that there were millions of rats having red eyes and sharp, white teeth. He could hear the sound of nibbling and gnawing.

Suddenly, a large rat poked said, “Chips ahoy! Chips, Old Boy!” Chips shrivelled in horror remembering that It was the evil rat that could speak.

The rat said to Chips that “We’re eating these timbers, we’ll let in the water and drown the crew, and then we’ll eat them too.”

Chips get scared , filled with panic. He climbed up the rope and tried to tell the everyone what he had seen, but nobody would believe him. They all thought he had gone mad. Chips demanded to speak to the Admiral. But the Admiral didn’t believe him. The admiral thought him that he had gone insane. Instead of believing him he held chips captive.

So, Chips was dragged down to the hold of the ship by the guards and they shackled him with iron chain and left him there. He lay in his cell for six whole days and nights. By day, he would scream, over and over, “We’re all going to die!” but nobody paid any attention to him. The rats were nibbling and gnawing in the walls and Chips would and listen them.

On the seventh day,It was midnight, a small hole appeared in the hull of the ship .Water began to leak in. In a couple of minutes, there were holes getting bigger and bigger. A torrent of water rushed in and nothing could stop it. The ship sank down with every living soul on board.

A few days later, the remains of Chips floated to shore. The dead body had been partially swallowed and sitting on his chest was an monstrous big fat rat was just kept laughing terrifically saying that,“A lemon has pips, a yard has ships and I’ve got Chips.

Eight Feet Tall

Eight Feet Tall or “Hachishakusama” is a Japanese urban legend about a 8ft tall woman wearing long white dress woman who abducted children and  makes a sound like “Po… Po… Po…”

A boy named Sid who lived in Europe. His grandparents a small village of Japan and they had a big backyard. Every Summer vacation, he and his parents went to visit them. they had a big backyard.. When they arrived, the grandparents always welcomed them with open arms. Sid was their only grandchild. when I was 8 years old.

When Sid was 8 years old he and his parents went to Japan to his grandparents house. They were so happy to see them. His  parents wanted to have some time by themselves. So they took a trip to another part of Japan and  leaved him in the care of his grandparents.

One day, Sid was playing in the backyard and grandparents were inside the house. Suddenly he  heard a weird masculine voice saying “Po… Po … Po…”  He looked here and there and tried to figure out where it was coming from. Suddenly he noticed something on top of the tall windbreak which was surrounded by  the backyard.  He saw somebody was resting behind it, wearing a hat and the sound was coming from there. He saw that the woman who was sitting there  walked off and the strange noise disappeared with her, fading into the distance. He  was surprised at how tall the woman was and thought how an woman can be as tall as 8ft.

He was puzzled and went back into the house. His grandparents were sitting together and were gossiping He explained his grandparents what he had seen and spoken off the peculiar sound. “Po… Po… Po…” When he said that, both of them suddenly froze and their eyes  grew wide.

 Sid’s  grandfather bombarded him with questions… “Where was she standing? When did this happen? What did you do?. “You must tell us exactly… How tall was she?”

Sid  tried to answer all his questions as best he could. Without any delay his grandfather made a phonecall and went out somewhere saying his grandma to take care of Sid. He  couldn’t hear what he was saying. His grandma was trembling with fear and hugged Sid tightly.

Sid asked his grandma, “What’s going on, Grandma?”. She replied with fear that he had been liked by Hachishakusama. He asked who is Hachishakusama. Then his Grandma explained “Hachishakusama” means “Eight Feet Tall”. It takes on the appearance of an extremely tall woman and it makes a sound like “Po… Po… Po…” in a masculine voice. Some say it looks like a old woman and others say it is a girl in a white funeral shroud. One thing that never changes is its height and the sound it makes. She always chooses children as her victims. She abducted children and the children never came back. A long time ago, it was captured by monks and they managed to confine it in a ruined building on the outskirts of the village. They trapped it using 4 small religious statues called “jizos” that they placed at the North, South, East and West of the ruins and it wasn’t supposed to be able to move from there. Somehow it managed to escape.

It all sounded so crazy to him. When Grandpa came back, there was an old woman with him named Jo Lee. She handed him a small crumpled piece of parchment to keep with him. and hold it

Soon, his  Grandpa and  JO Lee to brought him into his bedroom. The windows were covered in newspaper and lots of ancient runes had been written on them. There were small bowls of salt in all four corners of the room and a small Buddha figure placed at the center of the room on top of a wooden box. There was also a bright blue bucket. Sid asked “What’s the bucket for?” “That’s for your pee and poo,” Grandpa replied.

Jo Lee vigilante Sid that  he  must not come out of the under any circumstances until 7 o’clock next morning and cautioned him that his grandparents will not speak to him  or call him until then. Again cautioned him not leave the room for any reason until then.

When all went from Sid’s room he closed the bedroom door and locked. He was very depressed and frightened. He tried to sleep.

When he woke up, it was just after 3 AM. Suddenly , He realized that something was tapping on the window. . He had goosebumps all over his body. He tried to calm himself down, thinking that it was just pushed by the wind. After a while, he heard Grandpa was calling him. He asked Sid if he was OK and asked for come in to give Sid a company.

Sid smiled and rushed over to open door. But suddenly he remembered what Jo Lee said to him and stopped in his tracks. He  glanced to his back and saw that  salt in the bowls was slowly turning black ,a chill went down his spine when he saw that salt in the bowls was slowly turning black. He backed away from the door,and  was shivering with fear. He griped the piece of parchment tightly and desperately started praying to god to save him. Again he heard the sound of tapping the window and outside the door he heard the tremendous voice saying, “Po…Po… Po…”. He kept praying and crying for the rest of the night.He felt like it would never end.

When it was 7:30 AM he cautiously opened the door. His grandparents and parents were standing outside waiting for him. When they saw his face . They became gland and  burst into tears of delight. On that day Sid and his parents took a flight of Europe and  went back to their home safely.

10 years have passed . Over the years, he tried to convince himself that it was just his imagination or was just some elaborate prank. Since that terrific night, he haven’t seen my grandparents since then but Sid would call them every few weeks and talk to them.

His grandfather died two years ago. When he was sick, he strictly forbid to visit him and he testamented that he weren’t to attend his funeral. It was just for Sid’s welfare.

Sid’s grandmother called a somedays ago. She said that she had a cancer and she missed him a lot. Before she died she wanted to see him for the  last time .

He asked his grandma that if it was safe? he asked again what about Hachishakusama.

For a moment, there was silence on the other end of the phone. Then, he heard a deep masculine voice saying: “Po… Po… Po…”

The Painting Of  A Dark Castle

The Dark Castle is a  scary story which supposed to be a true story. Its a story about a man who buys an elfin painting .Its a painting of a Scottish castle with one solitary light in the window.

There was a man who fond of antiques and loved to decorate his home with them. Every  weekend, he would go out every day to find the antiques pieces.

One day he went for a search of antique pieces. He drove his car and he saw a antique shop at the side of the road. It was a crummy little store .He entered to the shop and suddenly  his eye was caught by a strange old framed picture. He picked it up and dusted it off.

It was a painting of an dark castle that stood on a barren, windswept hill.

Although the scene was gloomy and dump , fascinated by the paint. He found there is something about in the painting that attracted him .  As he was staring the painting, it gave him an eerie and  infrequent feeling. Then, he noticed a strange thing in the painting . The entire castle was went through the darkness except a single  window with a small which was on the high up in the tall, stone tower. The man wondered why anyone would paint an ancient castle with a light in only one window.

The man became curious of the strange painting and  asked the shop keeper, “ Excuse me, can you tell me about the painting that you know ?”

The old man replied ,”All that I know that it was a painting of a Scottish castle.”


The man bought the old painting and took it home with him. That evening, he hung it over on a wall in his home. There was no signature and no date on the picture. But when he was dusting it off, he found a small Latin inscription printed at the corner of the frame.

He took a picture of the Latin inscription and send it to a friend who could speak and write in Latin. He called his friend and asked him what’s the meaning of the inscription in English. When he found out what the inscription meant in English, he was puzzled.

The meaning of that Latin inscription was: “Every Century, it shall be dark.”

This inscription made little sense to him . After sometimes, he just forgot about it. The painting hung in the man’s home for many months. Whenever any guest come to his home or there were any party in his home  he showed them the mysterious painting.  Whoever saw it , they asked him the same question  about the painting why only one small window in the castle’s tower was lighted.

One evening, the man was showing the painting to some of his guests when he noticed something strange that shocked him. He couldn’t  belief in his eyes that there is no light of the window in the painting is off. He Stared  at the painting in disbelief. He was shocked to see that  the black paint on the window was as old and as cracked as the paint on the rest of the picture. There was no sign that it had ever been touched. It made him creeped.

When ,the man went to bed, He was just thinking about the  mysterious painting. However, when he woke up the next morning and took a look at the painting, he saw that the window in the tower was lighted again. A chill ran down his spine.

Then, he remembered the Latin inscription… “Every Century, it shall be dark.” He made a note of the date and began to research into the history of every Scottish castle and the legends associated with them.  

Finally, he could discovered a strange tale about the castle.

The dark castle had belonged to an evil character who had two sons. He hated his eldest son and kept him locked up in the dark, dusky and eerie tower. But he gave his younger son all the wealth and pleasures and permitted him to  live in comfort . After years of endurance, the imprisoned elder son had died in the little room high in the tower.

The date of his death was exactly five hundred years before the night when the painted window had gone dark.

(Note: This is apparently a true ghost story.)

The Maid

If you’re looking for a creepy story that can be scarier  then It is the one for you. It’s  the one of the great scary campfire story enjoyed by kids aged 8 and over.

Have fun and enjoy with this story .

There was a time when a man moved to another city because of his work. He had no one but his only son and his son was too young so he took his son with him. The father and son moved into a new house in that town. They stayed there for a month. One day the son’s face looked very pale and the father noticed it.

The father asked his son, “What happened to you,son?”

The boy replied, “Dad, I’m so scared”.

The father asked,“Why are you scared?”

The little boy asked,“ Do ghosts really exist?”

The father replied,“Of course not, ghosts don’t exits.”

The son said,“But dad,our maid said that there is a ghost in this house.

Hearing this, the father was suddenly startledand said,“Son,pack ypur bags. We’re leaving.”

Then the son asked,“But why dad?”

The father replied,“we don’t have a maid!”

The Hitchhiker

This story is suitable for children of all ages and over and is a great scary story for kids . It’s a story of a man who met an woman along with a child. And then the story began.

A man named Mike moved to a small town. Gradually, he got to know a few of his new neighbors. From one of his neighbor, he knew about a tale that most of the residents believed that one of the roads out of town was haunted. But he didn’t believe it as he don’t believe in ghosts. So, he never paid any attention to the tale.

One day, Mike went to visit his relative in another town. He was enjoying his visit so much that he  forgot about the time. When he knew that it was midnight he went for home as he had a very important work for tomorrow morning.

There was no moon that night, and once he left the town limits, the only lighting came from his headlights. Soon it began raining, and the rain made it even more difficult to see.

As a result, it was almost too late to brake when the man saw the woman along with a child on the road. He decided to offer the woman with her child  a ride  as it was so late and the weather was unfavorable . She got into his car with the baby. She sang a lullaby to stop her crying child. The  baby had a doll and listening to that lullaby, the baby  grabbed the doll and fall asleep.

When they reached town, thanked him for the ride, and went inside. When Mike got to went  home, he discovered she had left the doll of her baby in his car. He walked to the door and rang the bell. A man opened the door and handed the doll to the man saying that,” I gave a ride to an woman along with a baby some minutes ago. May be she is your wife and the baby is your. This doll belongs to the baby.”

The man began to cry and said,” My wife and my baby had an accident on the road into town. My baby was carrying the same doll during the accident and I bought the doll to her for the last time.”

Mike felt so sorry for the man thinking that this man might not be her husband whom he gave a ride .He wanted to see his baby’s picture. When Mike saw the picture he was puzzled with dread. In the picture this the same woman holding the baby  he gave a ride few minutes ago. The man said, “  This is my wife and my baby whom I’ve lost two years ago.” After seeing the picture and listening to the man a chill went down to Mike’s spine.

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