15 Short Moral Stories For Kids

A decade ago, kids spent their time reading, listening stories .They used to play the  roles of their favourite characters from the stories. Kids get inspired by these stories and so stories are the best way to teach life lessons to children. You can teach them the values and morals as these stories play a vital role to build up to build up their morality.

Table of content :

1. The deer and his legs

2. The Farmer and the Eagle

3. Gapes Are Sour

4. The consequences of greed

5. The Monkey and The Crocodile

6. The Shepered Boy And The Wolf

7. The Flower Garden Of The Young Woman

8. The Power of Perseverance

9. The Ant And The Grasshopper

10. The Thirsty Crow

11. The Fox and The Stork

12. The Hare And The Tortoise

13.The princess and her salt

14. The Rose And The Cactus

15. The Two Friends and the bear

The deer and his legs

Once upon a time there was a deer in a forest that liked beautiful things and disliked ugly things. The two horns were much taller and prettier which enhanced the beauty of the deer. But  on the other hand, the deer’s legs were black and thin, which looked very ugly .

One day he was drinking water on the bank of the river and he noticed his reflection in the water. He saw his beautiful horns and began to jump with joy. But all of a sudden when he noticed her legs he was upset and started thinking in his mind how ugly his legs are.

Suddenly, he heard a gunshot and saw a hunter firing at him. He started running as fast as possible to survive. The hunter had two dogs who ran after the deer to catch the deer. The deer’s legs were thin,so the deer’s speed was too fast ,That’s why the dogs couldn’t catch the deer. The deer escaped and reached a great distance and suddenly his two horns got stuck in a bush. he could not get out of the bush in any way.

After a while he heard the dog barking. The dogs reached there to smell the deer. Then the deer began to think that the ugly leg I had neglected had helped to save me, but the beautiful horn I was proud of led me to death and he began to cry. In this way he understood the dignity of his feet. Then the hunter came and shot the deer. As a result, the deer died.


Never be pride about anything, because pride is the root of failure. There is no need to give too much dignity to anything and there is no need to neglect anything,because all that glitters are not gold.

The Farmer and the Eagle

Once a farmer was going to work in the field. Suddenly he saw an an eagle fall into a trap and he can’t get out of it. It looked like the trap was set to get hunted. There were no one around the field. The farmer felt  very bad to see the eagle. He rescued the eagle from the trap and the eagle flew away.

One day the farmer was sitting under a tree eating food. Suddenly an eagle came and snatched his hat and flew away. The farmer ran after the eagle to get his hat. The farmer noticed that the eagle was the eagle that he had saved from the trap. The farmer got angry and shouted, “Stupid eagle, I helped you and you’re running away with my hat?”. Suddenly he heard something heavy fall on his back and he looked back. He saw that a large thick branch had gone from the tree under which he was sitting. Then the farmer thought that if he had not moved from under the tree, the branch would have fallen on his head and he would have died. The farmer then realized that the eagle had actually done this to save him. The farmer then apologized to the eagle and thanked him. He also gave the eagle the bread he had in his hand. The eagle returned the farmer’s hat and flew away with the bread galdly.


Good deeds bring good results . We often misunderstand others without considering what is happening in front of us, so never misunderstand someone so easily.

Gapes Are Sour

One day, a fox was searching for food as he was starving for long time..

Eventually he saw a grape vine. At the top of the vine, he saw the biggest, juiciest grapes he’d ever seen. The fox wanted to eat the juicy purple grapes.

The fox had to jump high in the air to catch the grapes. When he jumped, he opened his mouth to catch the grapes, but he missed. The fox tried again and again but missed yet every time.

After a continuous tries the fox gave up and went home . While he was going home he  comforted himself and began to babbling that the grapes were  sour.


We pretend to hate something when we can’t have it.

The consequences of greed

Once upon a time there were three friends in a village and they were very good friends. They went on a long journey together one day. They believed that if they were in danger, they would help one another.On the way they were going through a jungle. They were very hungry and tired. So, they sat down to rest under a big tree.

 Suddenly they saw a pitcher full of gold coins and jewels. They picked up the pitcher and placed it in front of them. They decided to divide the gold coins and jewels equally among themselves. They were hungry so they sent one of their friends to bring some food to the nearby market.

The two friends who were sitting under the tree, in their greed to get more gold, discussed that if they killed another friend, they would be able to share that friend’s share among themselves. Within moments they conspired to kill the friend. On the other hand the friend who went to fetch the food thought that if he mixed poison in the food, by eating this, two of his friends would die and the whole pitcher full of gold would become his. Thus he mixed poison into the food in the greed of the pitcher full of gold.

When the friend brought the food, one friend grabbed him tightly and the other hit him hard on the head. The friend died on the spot. Then two friends sat down to eat and they also died after eating poisonous food. Thus because of greed, no one could own the gold in the pitcher, and all three friends died.


Never be greedy because greed leads to sin and sin leads to death.

The Monkey and The Crocodile

Once upon a time there was a monkey in a forest on the bank of a river. He lived in a berry tree. The berries of that berry tree were very sweet and the monkey ate the tasty berries every day.

Once he saw a crocodile by the river who was very hungry and tired. The monkey was very sorry for him and he gave the crocodile some berries .The crocodile thanked the monkey gladly . From that day , the monkey give the crocodile berries every day and they became best friends.

One day, the monkey gave the crocodile some extra berries to take home .The crocodile gave the berries to his wife. His wife was very wicked. She was having so much fun eating the sweet berries and thought to herself that if these berries are eaten by the monkey every day, then how sweet and delicious the monkey’s heart would be. She asked her husband to bring the monkey’s heart so that she could enjoy the taste of the heart. The crocodile was upset at first when he heard his wife’s wish, but soon he agreed to bring his best friend’s heart to satisfy his wife.

The next day, the crocodile said to the monkey, “Today my wife has invited you to dinner.” The monkey gladly accepted the invitation. The monkey sat on the crocodile’s back and the crocodile took the monkey across the river. The crocodile told him about his wife’s intention to eat his heart.

The monkey was very clever. So he instantly told the crocodile that he had put his heart in the berry tree. The crocodile took him back to the berry tree to get the heart and when he reached the monkey climbed the tree and said  “Foolish crocodile, can anyone put his heart in a tree? You have broken my trust. Our friendship ends here.We can never be friends again!”

After losing his friend, the crocodile regrets and went back home to his wicked wife.


Choose trusted friends and don’t betray anyone who believes in you.

The Shepered Boy And The Wolf

Once, there was a wicked shepherd boy who was watching over the cows, goat and other domestic animals who were  grazing on the field .As he was so restless in nature, he became bored when he watched over the domestic animals . Suddenly a mischievous plan  knocked to his mind, To entertain himself, he cried out, “Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is  hunting the animals of the villagers!”

When the villagers heard the cry, they came running up the field to beat off the wolf. But, when they came they saw, there is no wolf . “Don’t scream wolf, boy,” warned the villagers, “Don’t scream wolf, boy, when there is no wolf!” They angrily went back to their work .But the boy laughed to make a fool of them.

Next day the shepherd screamed out once again, “Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!”  only for his  fun, he looked on as the villagers came running towards the field to chase the wolf away.

They strictly said when they saw no wolf, “Don’t cry ‘wolf’ when there is no wolf! Save your frightened cry for when there really is a wolf! “But the boy didn’t pay any notice to them.

Later, the boy saw a real wolf furtive around his flock. The boy Rush to the villagers and cried out a loud, “Wolf! Wolf!” But the villagers thought he was fooling them again, and so they didn’t come to help.

At sunset, the villagers went looking for the boy who hadn’t returned with their animals. They found him weeping on the field.

The boy realized that no nobody believes a liar, even when he is telling the truth but its had been late to understand for him.

Moral :

Don’t lie. Nobody beleives a liar.

The Flower Garden Of The Young Woman

There was a young woman who loved gardening. She had a beautiful garden

 One day, she saw a very beautiful garden when she was passing through a road. She wanted to have a garden like that garden.

 She sow the seeds and planted seedlings of some beautiful flowers. She fence around the garden with some bricks. She took great care of plants and waited for the flowers and beautiful green leaves on it.

Days had flown by, months had passed but she neither found any single blooming flower nor flower buds. She get annoyed and almost  decided to pluck off all the plants she planted.

 At the mean time, her neighbor came  and thanked her for beautiful flowers. The woman was surprised to hear this as there were no flower bloomed in her garden.

The neighbor said her “Seriously, you have no idea how much I  enjoy the beautiful view of the flowers of your garden everyday”

The woman asked her neighbor where did she watch from .The neighbor replied,” Behind your fence .”

Hearing this, the woman rushed to the neighbor’s side of the fence and saw the most beautiful flower in bloom. She noticed just because of the  vine cleft the flowers did not bloom on her side of the wall but bloomed gradually on the other side.

She was very overwhelmed to saw that her hard work get really paid.


Never give up. The fruit of patience is sweet.

The Power of Perseverance

Robert Bruce and the spider

Once upon a  time, there was a king of Scotland named Robert Bruce. Suddenly,his kingdom was asulted by enemy forces. He fought against the enemy forces but again and again he was defeated. He was mentally broken by repeated defeats, so he fled his kingdom and took shelter in a cave.

He sat in the cave with a heavy heart and began to think about how he could save his kingdom. Suddenly, he saw a spider in a corner of a cave wall. The spider repeatedly tried to weave the net but the cave wall was wet and slippery so it was a hindrance for the spider. Yet the spider did not give up. After many failures, the spider finally managed to weave a net into the wall. Seeing this, the hopeless king got courage and realized that he should not give up.

 Bruce then returned to his kingdom and fought again with new morale and renewed strength. This time Bruce and his army won the battle. As a result, the enemy forces were defeated and thus Bruce regained the independent kingdom through his perseverance.


Perseverance is the key to success. So never give up for anything and keep trying till the end.

The Ant And The Grasshopper

One summer’s day a Grasshopper was cheering and singing with joy. An Ant passed by, carrying an ear of corn to the nest. The grasshopper asked him to chat with him. The ant refused and said, “l am helping to stocking food for the winter and you should also do the same.”

The grasshopper said, “ We have got plenty of food at present. So why should I tensed for winter “

 The ant went on its way and continued to stock food. When the winter came the Grasshopper had no food. He was so hungry that he thought that he was about to die .The grasshopper remembered  that the ants .had a lot of food stock for winter and saw the ants distributing every day corn and grain from the stores When the Grasshopper went to the ant and asked for food the ant refused to give.

The ant said to the grasshopper, “You have wasted your time in cheering, sitting and singing while you should have worked out in summers.”


Make hay while the sun shines.

The Thirsty Crow

In one hot summer day ,he sun was burning and scorching. The ponds and lakes were almost dry. A thirsty crow was flying over here and there for water .But he found no water there. At a distance, the crow found a an earthen pot on the roof of a building. He flew over there with hope and peeped into it. There was a little water at the bottom of the pot. The crow tried to reach the water with its beak but his little beaks could not reach the level of the water.

Suddenly, he found some small stones spread over the ground and a plan came on his mind. The crow  took the stones one by one and filled the pot with them. Slowly the water level rose to the brim of the pot. The crow then quenched his thirst and flew away.


Wisdom not only helps a man to overcome adverse situations, but it also helps people of his surroundings.

The Fox and The Stork

Once upon a time, there was a clever fox and a sincere stork in a jungle. They were both good friends. One day the fox had a mischievous intellect. He wanted to make fun of the stork. He invited Stork to dinner at his home, and the stork gladly accepted the invitation.

The next day, The stock went to the fox’s home to eat dinner on an empty stomach. The wicked fox prepared a tasty soup but served it in tow flat plates. “Let’s get started,”saying this  the fox quickly finished drinking the soup. The stork couldn’t sip the soup served in the flat dish for his  long and pointed mouth, he was just sniffing its delicious aroma. So, the poor stork said nothing and went home hungry. He said to himself, “I have to give this wicked fox a lesson.”

A few days later, the stork invited the fox to a dinner. He prepared a delicious soup and served it in a narrow-necked jar. This time he finished the soup with a sip from a narrow-necked jar with his long mouth..On the other hand,the fox could not even taste the soup because of its wide mouth which did not fit inside the narrow-necked jar. .  Then, the fox went home hungry and realized that he had to pay  for his misdeeds.


Never make fun of the weaknesses of others,the way you treat others, others will treat you the same.

The Hare And The Tortoise

Once there was a hare who runs as fast as train and there was a tortoise who walks so slowly that he takes one minutes to walk two steps. One day a hare challenged the slow tortoise for a race. The hare started with much speed and the was moving slowly with his heavy shell on the back. The hare runs so fast and get tired at the middle of the path in the race.When the hare looked behind, he saw the tortoise was far behind him and thought that the tortoise could never reach him in time. So ,he took a nap under a tree for some time but all of a sudden, he fall asleep. On the other hand ,despite of having a heavy shell the slow tortoise didn’t stop his journey and went forward slowly.

When the hare rose up , he saw that the tortoise was about to  finish the line. The hare jumped up and began to run to win the race . But It was too late. The tortoise won the race and the  hare couldn’t believe that he lose the race by the tortoise . The tortoise’s continuous try helped to  won the race.


Slow but steady wins the race.

The princess and her salt

Once upon a time there was an arrogant king who had a lot of wealth.

The king had three beautiful princesses. One day the king thought that in his lifetime he would divide his wealth among his daughters. So, he called his princesses to him.

The king asked his eldest princess, “How much do you love me?”

The eldest princess replied, “I love you as much as I love gold.” The king was happy to hear this.

Then the king asked the second princess, “How much do you love me?”

The second princess replied, “I love you as much as I love diamond.” This time the king was more than happy to hear this.

Again with much interest the king asked the youngest  princess, “How much do you love me?”

The youngest princess replied, “I love you as much as I love salt.”

When the king heard this, he became very angry and said, “Can you compare me with such a trivial thing?” I will not give you anything out of my wealth. You get out of this palace.”

The princess left the palace with brokenheart and went to a forest. She was crying sitting under a tree in the forest . Suddenly she heard a footstep and began to hide behind the tree. She saw a handsome man walking down the street, and the man also  saw the princess.

He asked the princess, “What happened to you? why are you crying?”

He further said “I am the prince of a nearby kingdom in this jungle and I want to help you.” Hearing this, the princess told him everything. The princess went with the prince and they fell in love and got married

One day, due to fate, the arrogant king got lost in the forest and came to the palace of the kingdom where the princess was getting married. On being introduced to the king, the prince welcomed him to his palace and informed the princess that “Your father has come.” Hearing this the princess gladly said “Today I will cook everything.” The king was very hungry and tired.As soon as the food was served, the king sat down to eat and the princess hid in a corner and saw the scene.He threw the food out of his mouth and said, “I have never eaten such a bad food in my life. Call the person who cooked this food now.”

The princess came in front of the king and the king was shocked to see his youngest daughter. The princess said, “Dad, I cooked food without what you don’t like. Although food without salt is not delicious.”

Hearing this, the king realized his mistake and broke down in tears. Thus all his ego was shattered and he apologized to his daughter. The king said to the princess, “You really love me so much and I will not deprive you of my wealth.” Saying this, the king blessed the princess and her husband.


Nothing is trivial, everything has its own superiority.

The Rose And The Cactus

Once upon a time, there was a rose which bloomed to the next of a cactus . The rose was so proud of her beautiful looks. She didn’t like the cactus for her ugly look.

The beautiful rose used to insult and mock at the  cactus on his looks but as always after being insulted and mocked the cactus remained quiet

One summer, the scorching heat of the sun dried out the water of the soil . The rose quickly began to wilt and began to lose her beauty. Her beautiful petals dried up and began to fall onto the soil .

When the rose looked at the cactus, she saw a sparrow  was drinking some water from the cactus by dipping dip his beak .The rose feet  ashamed for her deeds. The rose asked the cactus if she could have some water. The  cactus helped the rose by giving water with a kind heart. The cactus helped both rose and the sparrow as friend  by giving water on that tough summer.


Never judge a  book by it’s cover.

The Two Friends and the bear

One day two friends were passing through a  jungle .Suddenly a big bear was coming to them. One of the friends quickly climbed a nearby tree, leaving the other friend behind.

The other friend asked him to help him climbing on the tree as he didn’t know how to climb. But the friend didn’t help him. Then the other friend used common sense. He laid down on the ground and pretending to be dead.  He remained breathless there.

The bear came close to the friend lying on the ground. The animal started to smell him. The bear went away thought him to be dead as bears never touch those who are dead.

Soon after the friend came down who was hiding in the tree. He asked his friend, “My friend, what secret did the bear whisper to you?” The friend replied, “The bear   advised me to don’t believe a false friend.


friend in need is a friend in deed.

These stories may help your child to teach the moral values and helps to encourage to  build up moral values in them.

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