Nahbou Baby Crib Tent Pack n Play: Net Cover Crib Tent To Keep Baby From Climbing Out And Safety Crib Tent To Keep Cats Out. Popup Crib Net And Crib Cover Protects Against Mosquito Bites & Toddlers

Price: AED 274.96
(as of Sep 30,2022 20:28:43 UTC – Details)

Finally, a solution to keep your baby from climbing out of their pack n play. Nahbou’s popup crib canopy is the perfect tent and crib cover to keep your baby safely inside their pack n play at bed time and nap time. It also prevents cats, mosquitoes and other siblings from disturbing your baby. Providing unique crib safety, it anchors to the four corners of your crib throug eight different ties, and snugs under the mattress providing complete crib cover and keeping your baby safe inside in the comfort of their little castle.

360º viewing angles at day and night with your baby monitor without the need for special placement.

Our Crib Tent has been certified by a CPSC accredited laboratory to confirm it has the highest standards of physical properties and no harmful materials in its composition offering great protection to your little ones straight out of the pack.

No more playtime at bedtime, toddlers quickly learn that once inside the crib canopy, they can no longer keep climbing out and quickly get a sense of protection inside the crib net which helps them with sleeping faster.

Our baby safety popup tent is made in a single crib net piece and offers 100% crib cover, preventing your toddlers from exploring your house unsupervised while you sleep. Keep your sanity, your energy and your schedule!

When accidents happen, simply remove the contents from inside the crib canopy, and use a damp cloth.

Our crib canopy design is different from older recalled models and much improved. Previous models came as only the top part of your crib and would attach to the crib’s railings using a set of plastic clips. Toddlers were still able to push themselves in between the crib’s rails, getting their limbs and sometimes their heads stuck, which is why they were forced to be discontinued. Our model comes as a single piece to give yourself peace of mind and to make sure that your little one stays always safely inside.

SEE THROUGH 360º MESH for a full, wide angle view of your baby’s crib, day and night.
AUTO LOCK ZIPPERS ensure your infant’s security while in the canopy keeping away cat and mosquito.
WASHABLE & WIPEABLE BPA FREE NET COVER IS CPSC APPROVED, soft to the touch and tent fits any crib.
SAFE STURDY FRAME TENT assembles in seconds giving baby a canopy cover & protection from climbing