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Archery For Kids

“Archery: Aim High and Have Fun!” Archery is a great sport for kids of all ages. It is a fun and exciting way to get kids active and help them develop their hand-eye coordination, focus, and concentration. Archery is also a great way to teach kids about safety, responsibility, and respect for the environment. With …

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Hello again, friends! Welcome back to the blog, it’s good to see you! 🙂 This week, I have the privilege of sharing some words from Jeff! I hope you’ll all enjoy. I know it’s been a few months since we sang Away in a Manger; but have you ever just sat and thought of the …

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Hello again, friends! Welcome back to the blog!! Can you guys believe it’s already February? Camp is just a few months away- how EXCITING!!! Now that it’s February, registration is in FULL SWING!!! DOn’t forget to reserve your spot! You can register here!!! As everyone starts to register, I did want to point out that …

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January Update!!

Hello again, friends!! Welcome back to the blog! I hope everyone enjoyed their week! This week, I have a super exciting announcement for all of you!! Registration for all of our spring retreats are officially OPEN!! We’re kicking off the festivities starting March 3rd-5th with the Daddy Daughter Retreat! There are details up on the …

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Love from Paraguay

Hello again, friends!! Welcome back to the blog! This week, a really good friend of mine is going to share with you all! As you know, we just had a group of people come back from Paraguay last week! Maya Yim had some thoughts for all of you. Please enjoy! 🙂 there is and was …

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