Extraordinary names for boys and girls

Choosing a name for a baby is a very big responsibility. In current years, many parents are looking for deeper meanings and searching in supernatural genres to find something unusual and fascinating.

Settling on a name can take time — some parents are still arguing when leaving the hospital. Hopefully, we’ll it easier for you with this list of extraordinary baby names you can Turn to for innovation.

Lists of Names:

Sl no Name Meaning Gender Popular in/Religion Origin
1 Alfred Old, wise counselor. Advice from elvesBoy ChristianEnglish, Germanic
2 Aladdin Excellence of the faith, Supremacy of the faithBoy MuslimEnglish, Arabian, Indian
3 Jack God is gracious, SupplanterBoy ChristianEnglish, Indian
4 Alvaro The noble guardian with an elf army who is the speaker of truth and is cautious, bold and a plannerBoy ChristianGermanic, Spanish
5 Alvin Noble FriendBoy MuslimArabic
6 Ambrose immortalBoy ChristianEnglish
7 Arion Musician; MelodiousBoy ChristianGreek
8 Arslan Lion, Brave Man, WarriorBoy MuslimArabic
9 Draco Dragon; A Dragon or SerpentBoy Christian
10 Dylan From a Large Sea, Winner of Mind, GreatBoyMuslim/ ChristianWelsh, English, Arabic
11 Edward  Prosperous guardianBoy ChristianEnglish, German, Indian, Polish
12 Eric Brave ruler, Ever powerfulBoy ChristianScandinavia, English, French
13 Gary  Strong man of GodBoy ChristianEnglish, Germanic
14 Harry A familiar form of Harold, henryBoy ChristianGermanic
15HamzaLoin, Strong and fastBoy MuslimArabian, Indian, Turkish
16MustafaThe chosen oneBoy MuslimArabian, Turkish
17MehmetOne who praisesBoyMuslimTurkish
19HiranurLight of the diamondGirl MuslimTurkish
20MirayGlowing like the moonGirlMuslimTurkish
21KadirThe PowerfulBoy MuslimArabian, Turkish
22ZoltanRulerBoyChristianArabian, Turkish
24EceThe queenGirlUsually by religionTurkish
25CerenBaby gazelleGirl ChristianTurkish
26ErtugrulBrave one, Pure one, True heroBoyMuslimTukish
27TimurIron man, strongBoy MuslimTurkish
28CemThe one who rulesBoyCristianTurkish
29AlimThe expert oneBoy CristianIndian, Turkish
30Can (pronounced Jan)LifeBoy MuslimPersian, Turkish
31EmirPrince, RulerBoyMuslimArabic,Turkish
32EnderRare oneBoy ChristianTurkish
34HasanHandsomeBoyMuslimArabic, Turkish
35JoannaGod is graciousGirlChristianHebrew
36NoorlightGirl MuslimArabic
37ShakiraThankful, GratefulGirl MuslimArabic
38BlissPerfect joyGirlChristianEnglish
39ClementMild, MercifulBoyCristianLatin
40ZenPeaceful and CalmBoySanskrit and BuddhismJapan
41AzizaBelovedGirlMuslimArabic, Indian, Pakistan
42AnnaFavor or GraceGirl Christian Greek
43 BadraFull Moon, One who is beautiful like the full moonGirlMuslimArabic
44BaasimsmilingBoy Muslim Arabic
45BardoVariant of BartholomewBoyChristianAmerican
46BambiLittle girlGirl Christian American
47CariaShe who flows like a waterGirlMuslimTurkish
49CameliaFlower, YoungGirl Christian Brazilian
50CadmonA strong willed warriorBoy Christian Welsh
52DaishaAliveGirlMuslimAfrican, English
53DanicaMorning StarGirlChristianSlavic
54DaaronA great man/ a gift from godBoyChristianEnglish
57EaddaWealthy, successfulGirlChristianEnglish
59FravashGuardian angleBoyMuslimPersian
60FaaizaVictorious, Triumphant, SuccessfulGirlmuslimArabic
61FaeFairyGirlChristianOld French
63GanyaGarden of LordGirlChristianHebrew
64GodwinFriend of godBoyChristianBritish
67HaleefAlly, ConfederateBoyMuslimArabic
68HamnaBlessed Sparrow of HeavenGirlMuslimArabic, Urdu
69HaileyHay meadow GirlChristianEnglish
70HerbieIllustrious Warrior, Army, BrightBoyChristianGerman
72IhteshamMagnificent ,Respectable, Honourable , Present personalityBoyMuslimArabic
73IhrinThe person who maintains peaceGirlChritianRomania
74ImmanuelGod is with usBoyChristianHebrew
75JanasheenSuccessor, VicegerentBoyMuslimArabic
77JacintaHyacinthGirlChristianSpanish, Greek and Italia
78JaayOne who rejoices or is jubilantBoy ChristianEnglish
80KaelynnA beautiful girl from the meadowGirlChristianEnglish, Gaelic and American
81 KaiaStabilityGirl Christian Arabic
82KameelPerfect, One of the ninety-nine qualities of GodBoyMuslimArabic
84LandryRulerBoyChristianFrench , English
85LabibaHaving grate wisdom ,One who is intelligentGirlMuslimArabic
86LannaAttractiveGirlChristianOld German and Hawaiian
87MaddissonDaughter of a mighty warriorGirlChristianEngland
88MahekFragranceGirlMuslimArabic, Indian
89MakeenStrong, FirmBoyMuslimArabic
90MaksimsThe greatest one BoyChristianLatin, Latvian
91NaadeOne who belongs to a royal familyBoyChristianYoruba
92NabhanNoble, outstandingBoyMuslimArabic
94NancyGod’s flabourGirlChristianHebrew
95OnemorPious, HonorableBoyMuslimArabic
96OswinDivine friendBoyChristianEnglish
97OraliaGolden lightGirlChristianFrench
99PamellaA woman who is as sweet as honeyGirlChristianGreek
100ParizaBeautiful, Fairy, AngelGirlMuslimIndian
101ParvizThe one who is born lucky BoyMuslimArabic
102PrincetonPrincely townBoyChristianLatin
103QabidOne boy who is blessed by AllahBoyMuslimArabic
104QiyaraA pretty ladyGirlMuslimIndian
106QeshaunThe Merciful GodBoyChristianEnglish
107RaayanGates of paradise/HeavenBoyMuslimArabic
108RafaHappiness, ProsperityGirlMuslimArabic
109RexKing of the UniverseBoyChristianLatin
110RoxyDawn, SunriseGirlChristianPersian
111SaifanSword of AllahBoyMuslimArabic
112SajidProstrate in worship, bowing in adoration to AllahBoyMuslimArabic
114SamsonBright as the Sun; Sun Child; Like the Sun; His Ministry; SunBoyChristianHebrew
116TafheemUnderstanding, KnowledgeBoyMuslimArabic
117TedGift of God, Wealthy SpearmanBoyChristianOld English, Latin, Greek
118ToniPraiseworthy ,InvaluableGirlChristianLatin, French
119UnaysahFriendly, AffableGirlMuslimUrdu
120UniceVictory of Goodness; Victorious; Good VictoryGirlChristianGreek
122UptonFrom the High / Upper Town, Upper SettlementBoyChristianEnglish
123VinceConquering, Form of Vincent, VictorBoyChristianLatin
124VenyGod GiftedGirlChristianLatin
129WadLove; AffectionBoyChristianDutch, French
130WrenBird name; A Wren is a Small Brown SongbirdGirlChristianEnglish
131XenaBrave, BeautifulGirlChristianGreek
132XavianLight; SunBoyChristianArabic
133YameenRight Side, BlessedBoyMuslimArabic
134YaminahRight and proper, blessedGirlMuslimArabic
135YennyPeaceGirlChristianSpanish/Latin American
136YorkYew Tree Estate; From the Farm of Yew Trees; From YorkBoyChristianOld English
137ZionSign, Sunny, Parched Place, Homeland, Heaven, MonumentBoyChristianHebrew
138ZoeLife; Light of Life; Brave; Sliver MoonGirlChristianGreek

It is an exciting to find the right name for your little one but it’s also a hard task to find out a modern and unique name . 

Parents today imagine a lot for their children even before they are born. It is better way to start with giving them a stylish , modern and a Unique name . The child’s name reflects the sophistication and attitude of the parents. Besides, you have to choose the name keeping this in mind that the name you have chosen should not cause an embarrassment for your child in future.

That’s why you can give your child a nice introduction by choosing the desired name from the list of names above.